> Summer School for Kids in Ankara •FAQ

  • What’s the difference between Tekdil Summer School Programme and other summer school programmes?

Tekdil Summer School Programme is an English programme that aims to provide the trainees speaking skills.

  • Are there Summer School Programmes for collage students, too?

The target group is all primary school students who want to get the ability to speak native like English, but has no chance to be educated in the language schools abroad.

  • How do you compose your groups?

Our first criterion is the trainees’ English levels, while composing our groups. After determining the levels, we take into consideration their ages.

  • What is the date of your summer school programme and how many terms are there?

Our summer school programme starts just after schools are closed and goes on until other education term starts. It includes weekly terms.

  • Does a student who starts after the first term take the programme less than half?

Whenever the student registers in the programme, he/she will never take the class less than half because each week includes independent subjects.

  • Why do you have English Summer School Programme only in Çayyolu branch?

Tekdil Çayyolu was opened only for Junior(young learner) education. Tekdil branch has 300m2 indoor space and 600m2 outdoor space for activities and games. So it is more available for young learner education.

  • Can you give details about your education style?

Tekdil is a language school that students attend with joy and enthusiasm. The most prominent point is that our programmes are not boring and it is related with our materials and our view of education.

  • Can you give information about your teachers?

Students are accompanied with teachers who are Turkish or native experienced TEFL(Teaching English as Foreign Language) graduate teachers.

  • When can we visit your office to get information or register for the Summer School Programme or education terms?

You can visit our office from 09:00 to 19:00 during the weekdays and get information or register.

  • Do you have the school bus facility for each part of Ankara?

Sorry, no. We regret to inform you our service is not activated in our Summer School. But you can bring your child from 08:00 on and pick him/her until 18:30 from the school.