> Summer School for Kids in Ankara •Details II

    Parents have, as we are well acknowledged, already started to look for a summer school as the summer holiday is about to start in a short game. There are alternatives and making a good choice is difficult, that we know too.

     In search of the best, parents consider a number of criteria. Their emphasis may be upon language skills, sports or trips taken to places of interest. Tekdil offers all such opportunities in Çayyolu branch. Your child will enjoy the benefit of speaking English in all the activities of the day, in a very special environment.

      Tekdil, giving courses in English language in Ankara for more than 30 years, will make your children's summer rich and full, thanks to its vast experience, its high quality, its adopted principles of education and its physical mean Çayyolu branch has. The atmosphere of Çayyolu facility where all the teachers, local or other wise, speak only English during the activities and treat children with an attitude with which the children are immensely delighted. Children, participating in sports and other outdoor activities under proffesional teachers benefit from such opportunuties provided for them in the best possible way.

      Our purpose and committment is to maintain that children SPEAK the English they learn in classroom, while eating and playing as well as during breaks, trips and sports events. 

    Çayyolu branch has successfuly been conducting the Summer School Programs for the last 8 years, the program including sports and social activities in which English speaking is strictly adhered to. This greatly increased the interest in participation in the program. We extend our sincere gratitude to the parents who prefer our services as well as the children, who once experienced our very special atmosphere, want to come again and again in the consecutive years from all parts of Ankara.



      Tekdil English Learning Center Çayyolu branch offers children a summer holiday during which they can learn English from teachers, both Turkish and foreign fromEnglish speaking countries and have a change to practice what they learn in carefully designed ''live'' programs.

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