> Winter School for Kids in Ankara •FAQ

  • How many terms do you offer in Winter School Programs  and how long do they last?
Our Winter School Programs start after the formal semester vacation commences and last two weeks. 
  • What is the difference between your TEKDİL Winter School Program and the other winter school programmes?
Our English Winter School Programme is actually in English aiming at having the students acquire skills in speaking English. 
  • Do you have Winter School Programmes for private college students, too?
Our target group is all primary education students lacking the opportunity to have further education in an English speaking country, desire to acquire a skill in speaking English as if it is their mother tongue.
  • How do you group your trainees?
Our primary criterion in grouping our students is their actual levels of command on English. Following evaluation of the levels, grouping is made as to their age. 
  • Will a student who start with any program other than first, will continue from the middle?
Whenever the student registers in the programme, he/she will never take the class less than half because each week includes independent subjects.
  • Why do you offer the Winter School Programme only at your Çayyolu branch?
TEKDİL Çayyolu branch was established only for JUNIOR training and more suitable for JUNIOR activities with its 300 sq.m covered area and 600 sq.m. garden and playground.
  • Will you please detail the format of the education you are giving?
Tekdil is a language school which the students attend without getting frustrated, having fun and, hence, very enthusiastically. The major factor of such eagerness is the fact that our programmes are not boring. This is due to the materials we use and our approach to language teaching. 
  • Can you give us some information on your teachers?
Students are accompanied with teachers who are Turkish or native experienced TEFL(Teaching English as Foreign Language) graduate teachers.
  • What hours are most convenient for our visit for registration for Winter School or regular school year and/or knowing you better?
You may visit TEKDİL Çayyolu branch between 9:00 and 19:00 everyday, except Sunday and obtaining detailed information in our programmes, may have your registration made.
  • Do you have school service to every district in the city?
Sorry, no. We regret to inform you our service is not activated in our Winter School. But you can bring your child from 08:00 on and pick him/her until 18:30 from the school.