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Winter School For Kids in Ankara

(English Course During Semester Vacation)

   We prepared the program of the Winter School in the light of the experiences we have accumulated in our summer programmes over the years and to satisfy the demand by the parents who had also experienced the great chance our programs caused in their children's development.

   Our goal is to maintain that children digest and store firmly in their memory what they learn and to provide a support during the learning process in an environment they enjoy greatly, where they can use English they learn.

   Our Winter School Program, to be applied during semester vacation, is comprised of two different THEMES and so structured to teach English while also helping them to develop physically, culturally an socially.

   We set no boundary to the locations we teach: in service cars, classrooms, garden, during meals, breaks, sports events and while visiting interesting places. In short; wherever we are, the location is our teaching ground. What we only do while we write our own play and stage it, while we cook our own cake in our kitchen, is to make your children learn English, living it and enjoying it.

   The English Winter School program starts daily at 9:00, with plays in English and continues until 17:00 with various activities, teaching English by lived experiences!

''We learn English by enjoying and living it''
We are confident that your child will also learn it the same way as all our former students will confirm.