Our Summer School Progrm applied in Çayyolu branch with a different theme for each week, enables children to have lots of fun while improving them physically, cocially and culturally.

Besides learning English in a joyful atmosphere, the children participating in our Summer School Program, while enjoing a big development in their personality;

-Gain self confidence in social groups
-Acquire a skill in expressing themselves through drama in English
-Improve their attitudes with respect to sharing and cooperation in group works
-Develop regular eating habits, thanks to our unique cooking
-Learn to use time efficiently with our precisely laid out program.
-Enable to discover their own interests and talents in our versatile learning environment
-Integrate the feeling of joy in winning in a game or a competition as well as that of sadness in losing as a result of many different games and competitions included in our program, but, nevertheles to act gentlemanly in either case.
We support their development and contribute to their improvement.

We, TEKDİL English Language Center, are ready to offer you a unique Summer School experience in 2024, too. Our program will be conducted by both Turkish and Foreign teachers between 9.00 to 17.00 daily. Themes to be applied will be decided with  the participation of the children during the application of which the children will be encouraged to speak English all the time.

Click here for 2024 Summer School Ankara Weekly Programme.