> Summer School for Kids in Ankara •Rules & Instructions

Program Desing:
 The activities planned for our Summer School are designed for the participation of childeren between 6-12. These activities aimed at developing capacities and skills in teamwork, time managment, planning, coordinating, problem solving, creativity , drama, self-confidence, criticism and analytic thought which are not elective. Every child shall participate in all the activities in the program.

Payment: The fee covering the program will be collected either in advance or in weekly payments at our office. Transfers are not accepted. No return will be made but the sum paid may be used for other course periods or programs.
Healty Status: You will be required to enter in detail in information form concering the health status of your child which we must know as well as any health problem which will prevent the child from participating in any of the activities in the program.

Conduct: Our aim is to create a safe environment in which they will spend a good time while we are providing them a chance to practice their English. Those children behaving in a manner to disturb the others, harming other children or themselves shall be permanently removed from the program should they insist on behaving so despite warnings.

Electronic Gadgets: In order to be able to obtain the highest efficiency from the program, use of electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, computers etc. our Institute can not be held responsible from the loss of such personal properties they may bring along.

Transportation: We activate our school bus only for Çayyolu and neighborhood. The routes of such service shall be determined according to the sufficient number of pupils and locations of their homes. For details, you may contact the manager on registration day.

Attire: The children are expected to appear as dressed for the season, allowing free movement.

Pool: On Thursdays when we all go to the pool, the children shall be required to bring their towels, swim suits , bonnets and slippers.

Departure from the School Grounds: For such days where the child is to be taken by somebody other than his/her parents, the parents must have already indicated on the Registration Form the name of such person(s) and must inform us of the occasion by ohone beforehand.

Documents Required: Registration Form, photocopy of Birth Certificate and 1 photographes.